Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Joys of Travel

Good morning all. Here we are in the heartland and facing a radical change for the worst in the weather. Packed for spring and now instead of 50's and 60's I am looking at low 30's and snow flurries. Going to be a cold one today! All you folks in the eastern half of the nation are going to feel it too, so no smirking. They are even predicting the possibility of frost delays for Augusta and the Masters. Very strange weather.

The conference room we are using this week at the client is in the basement and there is absolutely zero cell service and no access to the internet so it is going to be quiet here until late this evening or even longer. Strange how you become used to having access all the time and how isolated you feel when you can't even use the cell phone to get email. I guess I am a "technovictim".

Everybody stay warm today and put a couple of bricks in your pocket if you go out as it is going to windy, windy for the next day or two.

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