Thursday, April 12, 2007

Round and round

Ever have one of those days where you keep racing but don't seem to get anywhere? Trying to get ready to head to Memphis tomorrow for a weekend wedding and then on to Arkansas for a few days with friends. Might actually get some golf in as well.
All kinds of chores and errands are getting in the way today. Car serviced, packing, Trader Joe's for a case of 3 buck Chuck for our friends and on and on. It is already 330p and still have things to do.
Really glad I got the Chicago trip done last week as I would have been snowed on 'bigtime' this week. Hope we have some decent weather over the weekend in Memphis as this is going to be an outdoor affair.
Back to the chores. There will be something a little more substantial here tonight right now the sun is shining and all that so off we go.

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