Thursday, April 12, 2007

We're In the ZOO!

Honestly, step back a couple of feet and look at this week's news. It looks like reality is being written by the same gifted folks that produce the Onion.

Bush says it is wrong to not support the troops and fund them thus allowing them to come home on time after 12 months. Before the paint is dry on that lie the Pentagon announces that every lucky son of a bitch in Iraq is going to an extra 3 months in which to get themselves blown up.

Dick 'head' Cheney calls Speaker Pelosi's visit to Syria "bad". Hello Dick...everybody in the free world is calling for the U.S. to open talks with the Syrians. You're just mad because your dog thinks she is smarter than you.

The 'surge' is going so well that for the first time bombs are going off in the Green Zone, Don't worry though they are not killing too many of our children only the brown ones.

Since forever it seems the White House mafia has been using the RNC mail system to avoid disclosure of 'sensitive' documents and the associated White House players. Hey GOP, don't be surprised if they eventually show up. I might be a little picky but this seems an awful lot like obstructing justice not to mention an out and out crime.

I could go on and on but why bother?

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