Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Running Out of Time

Here we are again at bed time(if we are to function tomorrow) and no time to do anything but touch a few familiar sites, post a couple of two sentence comments and generally fail to engage the rest of the blogosphere except on the most superficial level. Very frustrating.

I was very pleased to see that John Edwards has made serious inroads in the polling around the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries. Good sign in the most likely candidate that I will be able to confident in pulling the lever for. With the limited time I have to read and study I'm beginning to realize that in spite of my effort I cannot grasp just exactly what, if anything, any of the presidential candidates on either side of the aisle really and truly stand for? For me, at the moment John Edwards is the closet anyone has come.

Frankly, does one really know how to break through all the layers of public projection and preening and political posturing and get to the real deal?

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