Saturday, April 14, 2007

Post Wedding Thawing

It was a lovely wedding all except the part where it was 42 degrees and everybody was dressed for about 30 degrees warmer. Madam and I had to bail early as both of us were beginning to shake uncontrollably. The event was held outdoors at the Ornamental Metal Museum here in Memphis which sits on a bluff overlooking the 'Big Muddy' and even though we were under a tent it was wicked cold. The poor bridesmaids were beginning to turn several shades of blue before the service was over. Standing virtually half naked in the wind blowing off the Mississippi in the evening must have been brutal. I was dressed in coat and tie and I was miserable. Madam, who has zero tolerance for cold was brutalized. We finally had to break down and grab a cab back to the hotel before the wedding cake was even cut. Madam's first act when back in the hotel room was to soak her feet in a hot tub. Even though it is now just past nine in Memphis she is wrapped up in the bed and gently snoring after finally getting the deep chill off. I shall follow shortly though I felt the need for a little 'medication' first. At least the rain stopped and there were no least close by.

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