Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Around and Around

Well the Fed has cut another three quarters of a point and Wall Street seems happy for the moment. Reading around though I get the impression that we are in "flush mode". That is where someone has already pulled the handle and we are just swirling around the bowl at this point but we all know where this is going to wind up. I don't have a lot of confidence that we are going to see any big change in the trend. Let's hope I'm wrong as well as all the others like Krugman and DeLong.

Aside for periodically panicking over the economy, I am extremely busy with actual work stuff. Seems my company has realized that they don't have enough expertise on the bench for a key software product and I have been thrown into the mix to try and fill the gap. Strange that they would take their most senior "expert" in one product and try the fill the void in another but whatever. This means a crash refresher on the product. While I am technically certified and trained I have never actually spent any time with it so I am woefully short on in-depth knowledge. Right now I am in the technical hell of trying to get the product working on my laptop and getting a database that works. I've spent hours today trying to get a database from our Development FTP site and finally had to break down and ask for help. Turns out I was in passive FTP instead of Active which all of you geeks know(laugh and get it over with) makes a big difference. I have never had this problem before and after trying IE, Firefox, Filezilla and a couple of more options I had to call IT. These giant databases weren't really designed to be moved via DSL connections BTW.

I think I mentioned that I was going to start a new engagement in Wisconsin this month. The client has postponed the start and so I am no longer going to get to spend the rest of March in Central Wisconsin...too bad!

Anyhow, it will probably be a little slow around here for a few days while I immerse myself in the new product and get comfortable. If there is anything exciting I'll pop in I'm sure and I will post a Wednesday recipe of some sort. There is plenty of good stuff on the blogroll to keep you occupied.

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