Monday, March 17, 2008

Stimulating Me and You

Dear IRS,
I received my letter today notifying me that I will soon receive my cut of of the idiotic stimulus give away that will do nothing to stimulate the economy. As a matter of fact, at the rate things are deteriorating we might just be lucky to have an economy come May.

I also want to thank you for spending nearly $42 million to send this letter out to all of us taxpayers that are without television, radio, newspaper or the Internet letting us know that we will be receiving this whack of money in May that I personally will put into savings.

I understand from the letter that I will be receiving another notice from you shortly before you mail my check and I guess that will cost about $42 million as well. That's just swell.

It is probably best if you don't tell me how much it going to cost to actually print and mail the checks themselves.

Best as always,

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