Friday, March 14, 2008

Homegrown Disaster

9/11 was bad and there is absolutely no argument from anyone that this is so. The reality, however, about what has happened to our country and our government since then is even a greater tragedy. Beyond the disastrous Iraq debacle, beyond the deficit, beyond even the rampant criminal looting of our treasury lies a deeper and more threatening tragedy. Scarecrow over at Firedoglake while discussing the unbelievable collusion of the FAA in allowing Southwest Airlines to ignore routine safety inspections, lists some of the other assaults on our well being that have been perpetrated by the Bush administration in the last month...that's the last month alone.

-- Bush' BLM appointees ignore State's pleas for environmental safeguards for drilling in Colorado.

-- Bush Administration wins Supreme Court ruling shielding medical device makers from state lawsuits for defective products.

-- EPA adopts weaker smog standard at Bush's behest and against unanimous advice of scientific advisory panel in favor of stronger standard.

-- Administration seeks weaker version of bill meant to improve Consumer Product Safety Commission.

-- Bush Administration keeps CPSC hobbled without quorum; nominates manufacturers' lobbyist.

-- Lax USDA inspections failed to prevent "downer" (sick) cows from entering food supply.

-- EPA has no standards to test for toxic effects of pharmaceuticals in nation's water supplies.

-- Bush official questions need for new safety standards, even after "preventable" refinery explosion kills 12.

-- Defense Department oversight lax in allowing Cheney's Halliburton subsidiary, KBR, to provide unhealthy water to US troops for nearly two years.

-- Bush suppressed public health report on Great Lakes.

I am quite sure there are more to be listed but this is quite enough to get the picture. Bush/Cheney are systematically destroying the country and no one seems to care. The Democrats in Congress are threatening to give Shrub immunity for violated our rights over the wiretapping of millions of Americans while ignoring this litany of horror evolving daily. They do seem to find time to wring their hands over drugs in baseball but when it comes to the real threats in America it looks like we are on our own.

And one more thing...if you plan on voting for McCain in the primary election this fall (assuming there will be an election) then you will be voting to continue this rampant rape and pillage of America.

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