Thursday, March 27, 2008

They Are Made Where?

You no doubt have heard about the paranoid drive to embed RFID chips in all new passports. The misguided program being pushed by the chicken little DHS is now well underway despite all of the negative science that says they are vulnerable to remote reading etc.

Well the icing on this tasty little cake is that we don't have the technology in the U.S. to produce the embedded chip and associated antenna in the passport cover and therefore have outsourced the manufacture of passports to a Dutch firm which in turn is making the passports in Thailand. Yes, you read that correctly...we can't even make our own freaking passports anymore and have to farm them out to technologically more advanced countries like Thailand.

I still get frustrated when trying to buy American made products. Clothes and shoes are definitely an impossibility since 95% of it is now imported and now this.

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