Saturday, March 15, 2008

Atlanta Roughed Up

Downtown Atlanta got roughed up a bit last night by what appears to be a tornado. Quite a bit of damage in the middle of the city around the Omni and Centennial Olympic Park. No deaths reported and under 50 serious injuries. All the wind was south of us up here in the Northern burbs and all we had was some lightning and rain. More storms expected this afternoon and they are currently pounding Alabama. Strange weather for March.

Update...Saturday afternoon. Looks like we will be dodging tornadoes all afternoon. So far all of the really bad weather has passed to the north but it looks like our turn will be here in an hour or two. My daughter, who lives about forty miles north, just reported ping-pong ball size hail. Huge and powerful thunderstorms are coming through Alabama and Georgia today one after the other. Baseball sized hail was reported in Dawson country just north of here and there have been multiple funnel cloud sightings. The weather guys on TV are hyperventilating as they shows us the Doppler radar and 3d images of the storms. They do have some pretty impressive technology and you can actually watch the tornadoes forming on the radar.

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