Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On to The Keystone State or Beyond

Kudos go to Senator Hillary Clinton for winning Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas and congratulations to Senator Obama for winning Vermont. I thought sure the results would have been a little more toward Obama considering the momentum but it seems the voters still haven't made up their minds. Looks like Pennsylvania will get their say. There is even some talk that Florida and Michigan might get new primaries in June. The governor of Florida says he'd be willing. Unbelievably it might actually be required to get a definitive win for one of the candidates.

At least the GOP has decided on McLame and Huckleberry can go home and quit embarrassing the wingnuts. It appears that McCain will be anointed at the White House today by Shrub and the GOP will officially say they want another 4 years of bumbling idiocy in control. If that is the best they can do then I say bring it on.

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