Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Whoops

I came in to see what was happening around before I went to bed and realized that I haven't posted anything today. Can't have that.

One significant milestone today. Madam Monk came home and handed me the receipt for filling up her car....$56...which is a new record for this household. Ouch and double ouch. Organic milk is $7 a gallon and even plain old whole wheat flour has hit nearly $5 for a 5 pound bag. I was feeling very penurious baking my own bread but even that is getting pricey.

Madam has packed again...I lost track of the repetitions... for trip next month. It all goes in and then it all comes out. She has packed for me as well and I am set to go. Had to buy another couple of packages of underwear so that she could pack everything for a couple of weeks in the UK and I wouldn't have to go "commando" until then. When I say pack I mean it actually goes in the bag. All the clothes and shoes have been laid out on the spare bedroom bed for weeks and been subtracted from and added to in different combinations. This is pretty standard procedure before we head across the pond. Domestic trips only require a month of packing.

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