Monday, March 31, 2008

Backyard Wildlife Takes a Hit

I just got back from Birdwatcher's Supply where I buy my birdseed for all my backyard critters. Bad news for the wildlife I'm afraid. A 50 pound bag of oil sunflower has now risen to $48.00. That is more than double what it was a year ago and is going to cause a serious crimp in the backyard feeding. I can go through a bag in a month. Some serious cutback is in order. As much as I enjoy all my feathered and furry friends I can't afford to keep this up at the current level so it is going to be two small squirrel proof feeders.
Evidently the rise in corn prices and the follow on rise in corn oil prices has a lot of the big corn oil users like Frito-Lay and other switching to sunflower oil and driving up those prices. Bush and company's big hand out to ADM and the other ethanol producers is not only going to drive human food prices out the roof but everything else as well. This for a program that will not produce any net reduction in our carbon footprint or dependence on oil but actually make matters worse for the bulk of the planet. Good going guys!

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