Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fire Threatens Tassajara Zen Center

While it is probably not important to most who visit here (except MandT) I copy a post from Barbara's Buddhism Blog

Wildfires sweeping Big Sur have threatened Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, a mountain retreat affiliated with the San Francisco Zen Center. Garrett Therolf writes for the Los Angeles Times that the remote Zen center is being threatened by fire on three sides. This morning a blaze jumped a fire line just south of the Zen center and consumed 10 acres before firefighters got it under control.

The San Francisco Zen Center reports on its web site that most of the staff and crew of Tassajara evacuated on Wednesday. However, according to Therolf of the L.A. Times, some monks have remained behind to fight the fire if necessary. You can read updates on Tassajara at Sitting With Fire.

Tassajara is the oldest Japanese Soto Zen monastery in the United States. It was established in 1966 by the San Francisco Zen Center while Shunryu Suzuki was abbott. It is located in the Ventana Wilderness inland from Big Sur.
Tassajara Mountain Zen Center is the oldest Japanese Soto Zen Monastery in the U.S. and it's impact on my universe is significant to say the least. Let's hope mother nature spares this cherished place. If not then we look to nature which sometimes requires fire to renew and invigorate. The spirit that is Tassajara is far beyond a fire.

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