Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hibachi Madness, Hibachi Peace

I have been looking everywhere I go that sells BBQ grills for an old fashioned hibachi. The little cast iron miracle grill. I had one in Hawaii and I cooked hundreds of great meals on that little sucker. They were cheap and simple but did the job when it came to putting some serous fire under some food. I haven't been able been able to find one anywhere so I turned to the net and found what I was looking for at Amazon...actually a few of what I was looking for.

I opted for the Lodge Sportsman. It was a little more expensive but I know Lodge stuff and knew it would be a solid investment. It came while I was out of town last week but I haven't had a chance to light it off. I was counting on this evening but we are being plagued by intermittent thunderstorms and I might have to wait another week for the inaugural. Yeah, I know I just got a super-duper Infrared gas grill for Father's day but there are just some things that have to have a real fire underneath them and a little hibachi is just the thing for the two little rib steaks I have in the fridge. Isn't it cute? Almost Zen like in it simplicity and focus on function and purity of action.

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