Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday in the Garden

Nice quiet Sunday...a little gardening and a little rest. Spent the bulk of the day yesterday smoking some baby back ribs and a beef brisket(grass fed). The ribs were for last night and they were mighty nice along with some canned vegan baked beans kicked up with a caramelized Vidalia onion and some fresh chopped parsley, potato salad and cole slaw. Did I mention the fresh Georgia peach tart just out of the oven with some Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream?

The brisket will have to wait until next weekend though. Picked some lovely and perfectly ripe tomatoes this morning that are just screaming for pizza. The whole wheat pizza dough is bubbling away and I just picked the fresh basil that will go into pesto for the pizza. Slices of fresh tomato over the top of the pesto then sprinkled generously with fresh grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. It's only two o'clock and I am getting hungry all ready.

Anyhow, off to Asheville again tomorrow morning for another week. At least this week we will be doing user acceptance testing and most of my work will be answering questions and facilitating the testing. Shouldn't be too rough.
Thought I would share a couple of pictures I took this morning in the garden. As you can see the lilies are happy and the sweet 100 tomatoes are promising to inundate in a week or two.

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