Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What A Day!

This post is a vent just for the other software geeks that may stop by here. The rest of you normal and sane people can safely ignore the following.

It has suddenly dawned on the client that there are two weeks left in my engagement. They are now trying to get everything done now that has been on my action list for 12 weeks. In their rush they are changing the data feeds without telling me, putting partial files on the FTP site for my system to pick up and my workflows trying to process the data are going bananas. I finally had to get up and leave tonight with everything in a total state of confusion. My instructions...give me a complete data feed with the data as specified and let my GetHostData workflow run its normal run with no errors and we'll see where we are in the morning. Weeks of work potentially up in smoke because they thought they could take some shortcuts without clearing it with me. Everthing is backed up every 24 hours but this kind of stuff makes me crazy.
I need drink and food.

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