Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not All Bad News

It wasn't all bad news in the Senate yesterday. Senator Ted Kennedy arrived back in the Capitol to vote on the Medicare bill, which passed by a veto-proof 69 - 30 margin. A few weeks ago Kennedy's vote could have been critical as Senate Republicans blocked any movement on this legislation by only one vote. The GOP action on Medicare, or lack thereof, resulted in a huge backlash. Doctors were irate and the AMA has been running ads against Republican Senators across the country. Obviously, Republican Senators got the message that their action wasn't making some very wealthy people very happy. As always with the talks.

Not surprisingly Shrub was happy about the FISA bill as it will probably save him from a prison sentence, but he is threatening to veto the Medicare bill. Interestingly, Mr. Straight Shooter was the ONE Senator who didn't vote today on Medicare. According to The Hill McSame wouldn't even say how he would've voted. Now that is what I call leadership! Of course, McShrub has his own private form of Medicare in the form of a very wealthy wife.

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