Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Good

I just got back from the client with a stop for some dinner and had my first chance to listen to Obama's speech in Berlin. Not the speech of the century but substantial and actually apolitical. It was what it needed to be, an address to a European audience with a call to global co-operation. I think it was just what it needed to be. You can't but be amazed that 200 thousand Berliners turned out to hear it live and another half a million tuned in via TV and the Internet.
Meanwhile, McSame countered by having lunch in a German restaurant in Ohio and spoke to a dozen or so supporters. How much of this excitement for Obama is driven by the visceral hatred of Shrub in Europe is up to discussion but you can't argue that the even wasn't a success. Naturally and wrongly the wingnut right is claiming that all this demonstrated love by Germans is going to hurt Obama's acceptance in the U.S. is to be expected.

It is of some concern that the McSame campaign is so bad and inept so far ahead of the election. It gives the RNC time to "send in the clowns" and rescue what is surely the most disastrous presidential campaign in modern history.

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