Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give Up Mr. President

I don't want to presume to give advice to President Obama, who is obviously more politically astute than I, but I do have a suggestion.

Now that we know, regardless of the concessions on corporate tax cuts and family planning, that the Republicans are committed to voting no on the stimulus package why don't the Democrats and President Obama just craft the best package they can and pass it. Throw out all the sop to the GOP that we know from experience won't stimulate anything except a few fat cats and do it right. Obama has tried to play nice but the Republicans are dead set against a stimulus package that has an even chance of getting us back on track, so screw 'em. The Democrats control every branch of government. That's why we just had an election and why we sent the GOP packing. We have seen the results of their economic stewardship and it sucks. They aren't going to co-operate and no matter what is in the package they are going to oppose it.

Get rid of the useless tax cuts that won't do anything for the economy and put that money into urban rail and public transportation.
Put some of the money into helping people who have lost their jobs and help them keep spending.
Put back the provisions to allow bankruptcy judges to adjust mortgages.
Put money in to help the states and local governments keep essential services going.

If the Republicans want to add to the package meaningful changes that will, in fact, help us move in the right direction then add them in but don't put in crap to appease them because they will not be appeased.

When President Obama goes to the hill today to conference with the GOP he should lay it on the line. It's his game now and if you want to play you will have to play by his rules.

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