Friday, January 16, 2009

Reducing Risk

I didn't mention it yesterday but I finally got around to getting rid of 4 huge pines that were withing ten feet of the house. One was decidedly leaning toward the place and the other three were just too close and too big. Here they are (only the top half of the load) going to wherever big pines go. The tree guys were in the neighborhood and gave me a price that I couldn't pass up. It was a third of what I had estimated based on other tree removal experience.

Now I have another huge pile of wood chips to deal with but they are not in the driveway and therefore can wait until it warms a bit. Was 12F this morning and hasn't yet made it above the freezing mark as I post this a 3pm.

I am now on my way out to try and thaw the bird bath. The birds are pecking at the ice and are very frustrated. I have a heater I can put in that will keep it thawed. I just didn't get to it before the chill.

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