Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Good News

Sorry folks, I've been busy doing you know what. Not really much worth blogging about out there anyway. Maybe it's the cold or just pre-revolution doldrums. Osama is challenging Obama. Citigroup is falling apart(about time). Retail sales in December were almost 10% lower than last year or 2.7% lower than expected which, in turn, has sent the stock market further south and it is now courting 8,000 again. Bummer.

It's cold and getting colder in Hotlanta and we are expecting "teens" tonight. I went down to the garden and put some extra mulch on the garlic just in case but it should be fine. This recent warm weather has caused it to put out guite a bit of green which is susceptible to the cold. We'll see.

Meanwhile, all you folks north of me try and stay warm and Madam and I will do the same. Glad I spent the money in November to add the extra 18 inches of fiberglass in the attic. I can tell the difference in how much the furnace runs on these cold days.

Tonight is going to be a soup night I think. I just have to figure out what I have that is "soup fixings". Then again there is always the potential for a comfortable pot of beans and some buttermilk cornbread. I just have to shake the fridge and cupboards and see what falls out.

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