Monday, January 12, 2009

PEBO Asked and Received

Obama challenged Paul Krugman the other day for some specifics and today Paul gives him some answers. Here are some ideas for beefing up the stimulus discussions that are worth a read. He concludes: advice to the Obama team is to scrap the business tax cuts, and, more important, to deal with the threat of doing too little by doing more. And the way to do more is to stop talking about jump-starts and look more broadly at the possibilities for government investment.

I really want to see something positive come out of all this discussion and it sure looks like there is going to be some positive dialogue. As Krugman says the middle class tax cuts were a campaign promise but they won't do a thing for folks like me and the other 11 million of us that are income challenged at the moment. Not saying I am keen about grabbing a shovel and building roads but I think I could bring value to such things as health care automation and some other technology related infrastructure things. The numbers out there that says we will have 7-8% unemployment going on for three or four more years with the existing plans are not too encouraging to say the least.

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