Saturday, January 31, 2009

Un-Recyclable #5

Here is some good news for us recyclers.

As you know, not all plastics can be recycled. If you are a recycler like me, you are well aware of the bad old #5. In fact, most yogurt cups and other polypropylene #5 plastics, unless they’re reused, end up in the landfill since so few municipalities accept them. It’s a shame considering so much of our food arrives in #5s including packaging for cottage cheese, hummus, medicine, ice cream and take-out containers.

If you can’t altogether avoid buying products packaged in pesky #5 plastic, there’s now another solution. Preserve, the company creating stylish household products out of 100% recycled plastics, has just announced their new ‘Gimme 5’ recycling program.

They’ve teamed up with organic yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm, and Organic Valley, the organic, farmer-owned cooperative, to make recycling #5s possible through convenient drop-off locations in select Whole Foods Markets.

For a list of participating Whole Foods stores, visit

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