Monday, January 05, 2009

Lost That Loving Feeling?

I'm really busy today with my new job which is finding a new job but I am taking a quick break to say I am not too encouraged by the news coming down about the economic recovery plan being formulated. Krugman says it stinks and Sirota says it stinks and Ian Welsh say it stinks as do myriad others.
Let's just hope that what we are hearing is just politics and positioning because if what comes out is what they are talking about then we are all screwed. A tax cut is not going to help those of us already 'Shrubbed' since we don't have any income to be taxed. We need jobs, and barring that food stamps, unemployment insurance and some help getting medical coverage. If we were lucky enough to put some money away for retirement in a 401K or IRA then we need some ways to leverage that without penalties.
I am not feeling to good about what I am seeing, needless to say, and will be extremely upset if we don't see an intelligent and progressive attack on these problems. We have heard all the arguments about cutting taxes on the 'economic activists' for 30 years and we see where that has gotten us.

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