Thursday, September 17, 2009

And the Rains Came!

Jeebus it is raining pitchforks and puppy dogs right now...again! It has been doing this for a couple of days now...every once in a while the skies just open up. My rain gauge says we have received just under 6 inches in the last few days and that was before these last two deluges this morning and now. This is putting a serious dent in my fall gardening and I am starting to get a bit of 'cabin fever'. The good thing is that I did manage to get roquette(arugula), spinach, beets, some mixed lettuce and French breakfast radishes in the ground over the weekend and the lettuce, radishes and roquette are already up and on their way. It would have been nice to have the peas in but that's the gardener's burden...timing and weather.

On the bright least it is not very windy and I can keep my windows open and listen to the rain.

The rains come and go,
providing a small gift for
silent listener


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