Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't try, just DO!

To steal a march from Bill Maher.

If you are like me then you are tired to the point of screaming of the extended debate over health care reform. We all know the GOP won't accept anything and that all they want to do is see President Obama fail. That's understood. Why the Dems won't see it or admit is another question altogether. Beyond the fact that the problems are known and that the fix is known (see France, Germany, Japan and many other countries) what the hell are we actually talking about and why are we talking about making it effective in 4 fucking years. Even if the complete shit of a bill put forward by Baucus is passed tomorrow (which will be a royal screwing of the American people and a giant reward for the health insurers) they are talking about not getting anything actually going for 4 years. Has anybody in Washington considered that at the current rate (which will probably increase considering the economy and joblessness) another 175,000 or so Americans will die unnecessarily for lack of adequate access to health care? Hello! These are people that should not die! While we diddle around for 4 years another 3 million or more Americans are going to go bankrupt because of medical expenses and more than half of those currently have what passes for health insurance in this country. This is absolutely insane. In 1965 when LBJ signed Medicare into law it only took another 11 months before seniors were getting benefits. WTF is wrong with us that we are willing to settle for 4 years of pain and suffering for nothing but some half-assed band-aid a sham effort at health care reform? We should be first, embarrassed and second, enraged.

What has happened to our country since 1965 that makes this all so difficult. Why can't we look at our problems as say to ourselves let's fix it and while we are at it let's not try and reinvent the damn wheel. Our problems have already been solved successfully and in several different ways and are there for us to model and's not any great mystery that needs years of study and whipsawing back and forth. It's a done deal. Pick a plan whether it be France's or Germany's or whatever but pick a successful plan that meets our needs and implement it ASAP and that means in 12 months or less.

There are no excuses for not getting this done and if this President and his majority Congress can't do it then we elect some folks that can. As the great Yoda would say "Don't try, just do!"

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