Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Rain!

Another Saturday grounded by rain....needless to say something we really don't need right now. Madam is out and about and I am entertaining myself watching the 6 or so hummingbirds busily keeping each other from the feeder, the net result is none get to eat. They are supposed to be fattening up for the trip to points south but are so busy being greedy and territorial that everyone is losing out. You think they are Republicans?

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I've got a sourdough starter bubbling away so that I can bake tomorrow but other than that it will be real quiet around here. The radar is showing just spotty showers with most of the heavy rain a good ways north and my Mom said it was raining in Narrows (far western Virginia). so maybe we will be spared more flooding.

Sure would be nice if we could share some of this with our friends on the other coast or at least enough to put out the damn fires.

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