Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eggstra Special

I am so excited. My friend Carmen, who lives down the road, started a small flock of about a dozen chickens early this year and she just gifted me with a dozen of their eggs. Real local free range as in pasture raised chicken eggs.

Now I just have to figure out how to give them the honor they deserve. Of course four will be soft boiled (4 minutes) and served over homemade sour dough toast in the morning but what to do with the other 8. A cheese souffle would be nice but that takes 6 so I will have to study on it. Then there is hard cooking a couple and making a nice olive oil mayo for a simple but oh so nice egg mayonnaise. Then there is the dish I had at a little restaurant in Lyon(Daniel et Denise) a couple of years ago which was simple but absolutely smashing. Serve two lightly poached eggs in a broth of slow cooked red wine, butter and Herbes de Provence. Sounds a little weird but when you break the soft yolk and it mixes with the rich mellow wine broth and you soak it all up with a gorgeous piece of fresh baguette all the bells go off. Most of the eggs you get in Europe and especially France are from pastured chickens and the yolks are rich and almost orange, very unlike the lemon colored industrial eggs we have here in the U.S. available to most of us.

How would you use the other 8 very special eggs?

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