Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Bit of Bad Luck

I was out an around Monk manor surveying all the damage from the rains. Picking up branches and moving part of my gravel drive in the back yard back up the hill..lots of moving water. The garden is a disaster that will take weeks of work to repair. While picking up trash I managed to step into a yellow jacket's nest and before I realized what I had done they managed to get me pretty good. I had a pretty lucky summer with respect to bee stings... only a couple which I probably deserved but I had to wait until the last day of summer to get really hit. Ouch! i used to keep honey bees and am no stranger to bee stings but yellow jacket stings really seem to hurt a lot worse. Time for the Benadryl and no more yard work today. I did get the few puddles in the basement mopped up and it is drying nicely, so that's something. I can see from all the activity at the next door neighbor that they weren't quite so lucky, basement wise, as their is a large pile of carpet in the driveway.

Maybe I'll surprise Madam and run the suck broom while she is out.

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