Monday, September 07, 2009

Conservative Derangement Syndrome

There is a good post over at A World of Progress by Sara Robinson discussing the current and continuing wave of conservative derangement and the most recent expression of it in the Van Jones attack and resignation. I highly recommend giving it a read as it puts some of the insanity into perspective.

Here is a little sample but you really should read the whole article....

It’s not news to anyone that the conservative movement has an authoritarian streak a mile wide and twice as deep. The desperate drive to quiet one’s existential fears by acquiring ultimate control and unaccountable power — rules for thee, but not for me — is at the heart of conservative political theory, economics, and culture. And when their control cracks and their power ebbs away, it creates a panicked sense of loss that’s bubbling up now in a whole range of strange and wondrous right-wing freakouts, from the teabaggers to the moonbat conspiracy theorists to Glenn Beck’s bizarre deconstructions of UN statuary. Apparently, not even one of the devout Christians at FOX recalled that the whole “swords into plowshares” idea — the motif of a UN sculpture which Beck darkly called out the other night as a “Communist” image straight out of the USSR — actually comes straight out of the Bible. And it appears there not just once, but three times — in Isaiah, Amos, and Micah. Sunday School FAIL.

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