Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Metro Atlanta is Under Water

Serious flooding all around after yesterday's rains on top of the days of rain preceding it. Interstate 20 is closed at Six Flags because of the Chattahoochee and the Perimeter is closed in several places. Almost all of the school systems are closed due to flooding and power outages. I just have a little water in the basement but nothing except some seepage from under the door. It's not over since rain is forecast for the next few days but not at the level we have had. The pictures on the news this morning are pretty bad for a lot of neighborhoods. I am lucky that I live at the highest point in the area at the union of the two major watersheds(Foe Killer and Hog Wallow). I haven't been down to see the damage in the garden but a couple of days ago it was bad enough. Oh well.

If you are a neighbor I hope you are OK and not hurt too much by this.

Updated to add this link of the CNN coverage of the deadly mess we have in Atlanta.

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