Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Damn 'Skeeters'

This has been the worst year for mosquitoes that I ever remember. I used to go the whole summer with just the occasional bite even when I was outside for extended periods. This year I can't step outside the house without a bite or two. Pretty much the first thing I do in the morning is go out and fill the bird feeders and bird baths and this year I will get two or three bites every morning in just the short time outside. The morning trip to the garden this year has meant a dousing in 'Off" which I just hate. It could be that I am just sweeter this year but I am sure Madam would dissent.

Seriously, we have had more rain this year than in many a year but for the last couple of years I have shunned the use of pesticides on anything. I notice more lightning bugs than in recent memory and it may be that I have created an environment with less stress which has encouraged not only lightning bugs but 'skeeters' as well.

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