Friday, July 23, 2010

Record High Today

Wow! Just came in from the morning gardening. It's already 90F and it is only 1130a. Supposed to hit 98F today which will break the record high for today which was 95F set in 2005. The humidity is just under 60% so the heat index is about 10 degrees higher and should peak at 106-108F by late today. We've been invited to the Atlanta Symphony tonight at the outdoor Verizon Amphitheater down the road...going to toast. Fortunately our host is an MD so if I swoon he'll be able to pronounce me dead quickly and get me to the air conditioned morgue.

I think this afternoon will be indoors with plenty of iced tea though I should be out moving compost and weeding. My late season cucumbers got about 6 inches high but decided it was too hot and have just fallen over dead. The only thing really enjoying the heat are the peppers which are all ripening at once. I just ignored them this morning as there is no more room in the fridge for them. I think there are enough cukes in the drawer for a batch of cold water dills so that may take a little time this afternoon and that will free up some space for more peppers. Madam 'rescued' three large  gallon pickled jars from somewhere and I think I can fill one for the refrigerator pickles though that will require another trip to the garden for dill. I guess I had better decide before it gets any hotter.

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