Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stupid, Stupid

The American people are increasingly looking like the stupidest people on the planet. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's  Jay Bookman tried to wrap his head around the current political landscape, and felt like he'd been slipped LSD.
Here we are in the smoldering ruins of an economy recently wrecked by Wall Street greed, in a country where for 30 years almost all income growth has been concentrated among the richest 1 percent of Americans. Rising populist anger, massive long-term unemployment and record home foreclosures serve as counterpoints to soaring corporate profits, while the Supreme Court rules that corporations are people and can spend limitless amounts of money trying to elect candidates willing to serve their interests.
Meanwhile, the Republican Party defends massive tax breaks for the wealthy while blocking aid to the unemployed, fights bitterly against regulations designed to prevent a repeat of the Wall Street meltdown, blocks legislation that would at least require corporate and special interests to identify themselves when they invest in elections and does all that while proclaiming itself to be the party of the little people.
Do I have that right?
Not mentioned in the above is that congressional Republicans also hope to block a bill offering economic incentives to small businesses, not to mention blocking all other efforts to improve the economy, including aid to states. Then you have to ask yourself why they're the party that's expected to do extremely well in November?  The only sensible answer is that Americans are obviously getting dumber by the day and at the current rate of decline in cognitive skills will inevitably lead to the U.S. electing the Palin/Bachmann ticket in two years. Just shoot me!

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