Monday, July 26, 2010

Now For the Butter Beans

Madam and I got out early this morning before the worst of the heat and picked butter beans. Now we have about a bushel to shell and freeze. The new chest freezer is full with the addition of the blueberries so we'll revert to the freezer in the basement fridge. Once that one is full we are at capacity. We are basically out of shelf space for jars as well but tomatoes are pretty much finished for canning and nothing else on the horizon for more jars either. I did four pints of roasted red peppers yesterday but unless we decide to do some of the butternut squash in jars for soup we probably won't have any more.
The  Mexican tree boys were back at the neighbors this morning and got another box full of stuff again. A lot of okra, sweet peppers, jalapeno, tomatillo, and pattypan squash. They are always so excited and grateful and the tomatillos were especially well received and I am sure none of it will go to waste. I just love sharing the fresh garden stuff with folks who appreciate it.

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