Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Post Holiday

The holiday weekend is over and everybody is back to work...well except for Congress. The stock market seems to be moving in the right direction this morning and is up already 150 points. Maybe it will recover a portion of the 450 or so points its lost in the last few weeks. The oil is still flowing and now Texas is getting their ration of tar balls. What a total disaster. What is even worse is that I was reading the other day that the way the tax laws work it is better for BP to clean up the oil after it reaches shore than try and mitigate it at sea. The can amortize the cost over 15 years for cleanup but not the costs for real time skimming. Oh and the tax laws were saving them about a quarter of a million a day in taxes for leasing the Deepwater Horizon as well.

Nothing special around the manor for the holidays. Same old same old. Worked in the garden, canned tomatoes, put away butter beans in the freezer. Exciting huh? More of the same coming today and the next. The picture of the dining room table loaded with tomatoes I posted a few days ago is pretty much how it looks this morning as well. In spite of lots new jars in the basement the table is completely piled with new tomatoes and another big basket from this morning's trip to the garden is not even added. Maybe 70 tomato plants is a little too many?

The little respite in the heat is over and we should see the low 90's again today. It was nice while it lasted. It looks like the whole East coast is in for some sweating over the next few days. My Mom said is was 95 yesterday in the Virginia mountains which is really hot for up there. Very rarely see above 90. I am off to the garden to take out the pole beans which have produced their last few beans. I'll just let the space go fallow for a few weeks until August when I'll think about the fall garden. It is just too hot in July to get anything going. Besides the deer have discovered the garden and are nibbling on the okra and sweet potatoes every night and no use giving them some young shoots of anything else. Maybe they will find better pickings somewhere else.

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