Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unemployment Extension Passes

Well the Senate finally got the shitty bill passed. It will help some 2.6 million unemployed but it leaves a lot of folks out in the cold. It does not include the extra $25 added to unemployment benefits for the last year-plus through the Recovery Act. It does not include a fifth tier of benefits, so anyone who has exhausted 99 weeks is out of luck. It does not include anything for anyone out of work in a state with lower than an 8% unemployment rate. This is really a bare bones bill and we'll just have to see if it has any impact on the economy. A lot of folks that have lost benefits will get caught up with a lump sum payment but I don't imagine it mean new cars or even a new fridge. These folk are so far behind right now that it probably won't even help them get even.
There was a lot of energy wasted on this crap bill but at least a few folks will get a hand up. The Dems lost another one.

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