Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good For Roberts

I'm glad to see the Supremes upheld the ACA even if it wasn't exactly how anyone predicted. It means a lot of people who have health care now will keep it. It also means we can now move forward and see what we can do to improve it.
No surprise the the wacky right is having a fit and some are even threatening to move to Canada! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


karmanot said...

Unfortunately, the worst aspects of this bad bill will be upheld: Destroying the Medicaid expansion by making it optional and disenfranchising tens of millions of low income, the working poor, single mothers and worse begin imposing a tax on millions of Americans who fall below or at the poverty line. This latter is a win for Republicans, who want to tax the poor. Roberts is no noble rescuer, nor did Obama do this for the good of the nation.

David said...

Well spotted, Karmanot!  If FM thinks this is a victory he's not as subtle as Chief Justice Roberts.  Some 4 million middle-class Americans will be facing a new tax - and it's no good Obama swearing that it's not a tax because SCOTUS says it is.  The GOP will be ramming it down everyone's throats from now until November, especially in
 those 23 Dem/Inde Senate seats.

fallenmonk said...

I'm having a real problem with David agreeing with with you guys. Please remember that with all its flaws...millions will now enjoy the ability to have some measure of health security, Millions will be able to know that even a mild illness could cause their financial collapse is no longer a reality. The law is far from perfect but it is already having a positive effect in  many places.