Monday, July 23, 2007

All Fenced In

Sorry for the relative quiet around here but daughter and son in law volunteered to replace the 25 year old cedar picket fence on both sides of the house this weekend. The rest of the back yard is chain link but Madam required the part that faced the street to be cedar picket. So that is what we have been doing for the last two days. We had planned to do it all in one day but getting the old fence posts out of the ground proved a bigger job than planned. Anyhow, we got everything but the pickets and the drive gate done yesterday. The daughter took a couple of hours off today and we finished all of the pickets and she returned to work leaving yours truly the drive gate.

I constructed the two drive gates and put all the pickets on and then proceeded to mount them. No problem mounting them... it is just that they don't meet in the center by about an inch and a half. In other words one side of the fence is higher by an inch and a half than the one on the other side of the drive. Bummer! It is going to take some creative carpentry to solve this one.

Monkette is not going to be happy!

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