Monday, July 02, 2007

Free Ride

Well, I was going to see if the world stopped in its tracks if I didn't post here for a day but that has been ruined by a shameful, self-serving event which will have long-term political ramifications for the Bush Administration. Bush has commuted Libby's sentence.

This is a commutation and not a pardon so Libby still has this on his record and he still has the quarter million dollar fine to pay but what they hay. This entire case — from the betrayal of Valerie Plame by her own government to the beginning of the investigation into the betrayal from a referral from the CIA…all the way through to the conviction Scooter Libby of multiple felony counts by a federal jury is a monument to the lies on which the invasion of Iraq rested. This is just another example of how far Bush and Cheney will go to cover those lies.

There is nothing that the Bush Cabal will not do to protect their own, whatever the cost may be in the long term to the public confidence in the rule of law. This is really an insult to those who worked so hard to see that the rule of law was paramount. The jury, the judge, Pat Fitzgerald all of them should be incensed that their hard work was wasted this way.

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