Friday, July 20, 2007

TGIF and More

Whew....what a week. You'll notice the dearth of posts here and the lack of late night ones especially. Started up a new client this week and this always begins with 1 day of high level training and then we start the business definition where we figure out how they want to use our product and how and where we are going to get the data we need to do our job and what we are going to do with the output. This is typically sitting in a conference room with the business and database people and chasing down data fields in multiple databases that we have decided we need. Very exciting stuff. The typical business definition is anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks of this. We did the entire thing in one week for this client. Granted they are not using all of the functionality in the product but it was still a beast of a job. One big help in this client's case was that virtually all of the data we need is in a single data warehouse which was very nice.

Anyhow, now we go away and write up the results into a project definition and then go back to the client in a week or so and get it signed off. Once that happens we can actually start the real work. Next week should be a little slacker( I won't have to roll out of bed at 5am and get dressed and commute to the client everyday) so things should be a little more normal around here.

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