Monday, July 23, 2007

How Deep the Well?

You frequent visitors may have noticed that I have not recently dwelt upon the sordid world of Iraq, Bush and Cheney. There is a reason beyond being frightfully busy. Long before we invaded Iraq and even long before Bush was not elected the first time I have been pouring emotion into the political scene. I didn't start this blog until '04 but I was dumping energy into what was going on long before 2000.
I came to realize a few days ago that I was having an "energy crisis" of sorts. I feel just as strongly about what needs to happen in America to put us back on track that I always have. I feel even more strongly today than I did 5 years ago about the tragedy of Iraq. I am an order of magnitude more committed to doing what I can to mitigate global warming through personal action. I just seem to feel that I have been pushing the weight uphill for so long that I just want to throw a couple of chocks under the wheels and take a break. That's bad.
It's bad on several levels but mostly because I have no excuse to step aside for a few breaths. I am not bloodied nor arrested. I am not shackled and tortured and I should be redoubling my efforts to add my voice to the growing chorus of "No, we have had enough!". You don't give up when the tide has turned and it surely has. I truly believe the worst of the worst are at their end game and know it. Why else the self destructive obstruction in the Senate? Why else the open defiance of Congressional subpoenas? Why else the moving goal posts for critical appraisal of the Iraq "surge".
Well, enough of that! I am still here and know what needs to be done. Let's just say I had to reload and leave it at that.

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