Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home Depot Likes the Hate

I haven't said much anything about this but I think it is about time I touched on it. Atlanta based Home Depot is now telling its customers that if you complain about's death threats against Hillary Clinton and suggestions of a terrorist attack against the US Capitol then you are hurting the environment. It is bad enough that Bob Nardelli ex CEO raised millions for Bush during the last couple of presidential elections while he took millions in golden parachute money out of the company while sending its value to hell now we see their corporate communication people actually attempting link complaining about their advertising to hurting the environment. What brass!

Here is the letter Home Depot is sending its customers:
Our advertising campaigns have one simple objective to communicate with audiences in the most effective way possible. The Company is receptive to many forms and styles of media as we seek a balanced representation of programming to reach our customer base. Unfortunately campaigns like this one cause us to take time away from our sustainability goals and address a variance of political views.
It is pretty pain. If you complain about Home Depot sponsoring Bill O'Reilly's hate, then YOU are hurting the environment because you're wasting their precious time.

If somebody in corporate communications doesn't get fired over this then there is something seriously wrong. It is interesting to note that their major competitor Lowe's was notified about the hate and death threats on O'Reilly's web site they immediately pulled their advertising. Home Depot is convenient for me as it is just around the corner and Lowe's is probably 5 miles further across town. Looks like we have a decision to make.

You can follow this whole ugly episode at Kos and Americablog.

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