Monday, July 16, 2007

Look Out for the Fnords!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Kinda quiet around here as the weather was wonderful all weekend and we got some much needed rain. Did the usual catch up on chores and all the routine weekend stuff...farmer's market, regular market, etc. Some great local produce is available now and we enjoyed some fresh silver queen corn roasted in the husk on the grill and even enjoyed a pizza margharita with fresh ingredients last night.

Going to be a busy week as I am starting up with a new client here in Atlanta so it is commute time and 8-5 everyday. Going to be brutal but at least school is not it and that helps the traffic some. The new client is just a mile or so from my office and I don't have to brave the downtown traffic just the north side. It will probably be a little quiet around here this week and next but we shall see.

Not a good start to the week in Iraq according to CNN.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) -- At least 80 people have been killed in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk in a coordinated attack by a suicide truck bomber in a crowded market and a separate car bomb parked on a busy street, police say.

South of Baghdad, thousands of U.S. troops swooped on a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq safe haven used to reinforce militants fighting in the capital, the military said.

Iraqi police said 136 people were wounded in the Kirkuk blasts Monday and warned that the death toll could rise further.

Notice how almost every story you see mentions al Qaeda regardless of whether it has anything to do with the actual story. Those of you familiar with Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminati story will understand the concept of "fnord". Let's just say that over the years the phrase "al Qaeda" has been repeatedly and constantly associated with danger and threat and because of this constant association when we read or hear it today it stimulates the fear response subconsciously. These people want you afraid because they know the fear is the mind killer and removes rationality from the discourse. How does it feel to be manipulated?

Everyone have a great week.

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