Friday, July 13, 2007


Been a busy week and on the news front pretty shitty. Jim Webb's amendment to bring some sanity to troop deployments and rotation in and out of Bush's hell on earth was defeated by filibuster when if allowed to come to a vote would have won passage by 15 votes or so. That really sucked. Then we had Mr. Incompetent give a news conference and we had to listen to him lie once again with no challenge from the press. Michael Chertoff got some bad chili dogs and now thinks we are going to get attacked and almost last we here that while Bush has been killing our children in Iraq and spending 12 billion a month for the privilege the real enemy we should have been focused on all this time is now stronger than ever. In other words...The Global War on Terror is a joke.
Then this shows up...

Via TPM Election Central:

It's official: President Bush will veto any and all measures put forth by Congressional Dems to halt the Iraq War, according to a little-noticed letter from the White House to Carl Levin (D-MI), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The letter also says that the White House will veto any measure that would tie its hands on Iran -- including on military action inside that country.

That Bush will veto any such measures was expected, and isn't surprising. Nonetheless, the letter makes it official that Congressional Dems face the daunting prospect of having to muster a veto-proof majority on any Iraq or Iran measures. The little-noticed letter can be read right here.

Not really a surprise but merge that information with this:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged the Democratic-controlled U.S. Congress not to interfere in the conduct of the Iraq war and suggested President George W. Bush would defy troop withdrawal legislation.

It is easy to overlook because we expect something negative in context with withdrawal of troops but it subtly says something else.

President George W. Bush would defy troop withdrawal legislation.

Not just veto. Defy.

These are sick and evil fucks and this is right up their alley and don't for a minute think they wouldn't defy Congress. (Does Harriet Meyers ring a bell?)

That's just the highlights from the news this week. Suitable for a week ending with a Friday the 13th I guess. Did you escape 7/13/07 unscathed?

PS TWTWTW stands for That Was The Week That Was and satirical news program on the BBC.

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