Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the Level

OK that was a job but as you can see the left and right drive gates meet as they should in the middle. The job turned out "easier" than I thought since it dawned on me that we just reused the post hole on the right gate post and didn't concrete it in. I was able to detach the rails with the pickets on the right side and work the post loose and out. Added two inches of gravel to the bottom of the hole and reset the post. After reattaching the rails and pickets we were gold. I did have to dismount the right gate and trim 3/8 inch off the edge so the gates would close but that is just fine tuning in my book.

The job took much longer that any of us anticipated but things seem to go a little slower as you get older. Let's hope this fence lasts the same 25 years as the last. next will be the 25 year old deck. Madam and I did it ourselves 25 years ago but I am not sure we have that much spit left. It may be a contractor this time.

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