Sunday, July 29, 2007

Road Time

Updated below:

Dreary and overcast day here in Atlanta so it is just as well I have to travel. Off to the airport and Indianapolis is a few minutes. Had some trouble booking the hotel this week and discovered that there is an Indiana Farmers Convention in town for the first part of the week so it is probably going to be a little crazy. The Hilton did get me a room even though they said they were booked. My platinum status and the fact that I am a regular there probably helped. That's one thing about travel is that the more you do it you gain status with airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies...especially if you are loyal. I almost always get upgraded to first on Delta, regularly get upgraded to a suite at Hiltons for the same rate and almost always get an upgraded car with Hertz. They are all nice to me and I am loyal as a result.

So anyhow, off to Indy for the week and fun with farmers. See you folks later.

BTW saw "No Reservations" yesterday and it was cute, not Oscar material by any stretch but a nice little movie.

Update: Long trip to Indy....thunderstorms in Atlanta delayed our leaving for about an hour and a half so we got to sit on the plane at the gate for the whole time. Fortunately I was in first so I had some refreshment and a couple of tiny bags of peanuts to see me through.
I mentioned a farming convention above but I find out that there is also a big do at the speedway this weekend...The Toro sponsored riding lawnmower races. There are sunburned lawnmower racers and fans everywhere. Who knew?

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