Saturday, July 28, 2007

Liquid Sunshine

As we used to call it in Hawaii the liquid sunshine is falling in Atlanta this morning. Nice but damp trip the the farmer's market where we scored a beautiful aubergine( I know it is an egg plant but I prefer the French) from the little Vietnamese guy who always has something interesting. We also got what he says is an Chinese Cucumber(Pickling Melon) which will be interesting tonight with the Eggplant Parmigiana. I am now at the point with fresh tomatoes from my few plants that I will make the marinara from fresh tomatoes because they are actually starting to get ahead of my ability to eat them fresh. We had the first "Granny Cantrell" last night and it was lovely. It must be a cousin the Beefsteak tomato only it is a little pinkish on the outside.

Got my walk in this morning just as it started to sprinkle and it was really nice in the light rain. Walking in a warm rain is one of the true joys of summer and too often here in the South we only get rain in the summer accompanied by lightning which is not conducive to a nice stroll.

Madam is talking movie this afternoon so that is probably in the offing and then a little cooking. I have a sponge made that will make a lovely and crusty loaf of fresh bread to go with the aubergine. You have to have something to soak up all of that fresh tomato sauce!

Everybody have a great weekend and we'll check in again. Flying to Indianapolis tomorrow afternoon for the week so it may be from the "heartland".

P.S. I read about a place in Indy that still makes homemade root beer in Saveur Magazine which I am going to try and find called the Mug 'n Bun. It is supposed to be somewhere near the Speedway and supposedly they still have car hops. Could be fun, especially if the homemade onion rings are as good as reported. This week I have a mission other than work which makes it more bearable. Full report later in the week.

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