Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Reid Gets Serious

Lunch break and trying to catch up on the news. Looks like the biggest thing going is that the GOP managed to sustain their filibuster of the Levon-Reed amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill which was not unexpected. The bigger and in my opinion the better news is that Harry Reid has pulled the entire Defense Authorization Bill from the floor until further notice.

Bob Geiger
who has his finger on the pulse of the Senate has a good analysis of the events of the morning.

If the GOP Senators want to continue filibustering meaningful Iraq legislation, Reid won't proceed with wasted effort until they are ready to get serious.

True to form, GOP leader Mitch McConnell gave a floor statement that made it clear the Republicans will filibuster every Iraq bill and amendment.

Good for Harry. He is doing what the American people want. The Republicans are too busy protecting Bush and his failed war and are obviously not focused on what is best for our troops nor interested in doing what the majority of Americans have made it clear that they want.

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